Susan Modlin <smodlin at> wrote: I've been working in and with agile 
development groups as a writer or doc manager since late in the last century. 
When I first heard about agile, I thought it was the devil's spawn, but it 
hasn't turned out that way at all. In my experience, a writer in a well-run 
agile environment can be involved from day one of the first iteration all the 
way through to delivery of a final product -- and not just writing and 
rewriting the same stuff over and over again. In fact, I find that I don't 
spend as much time
writing as I once did. However, as an integral part of the development
organization, I have no shortage of interesting and impactful (terrible
word) tasks on my plate. 


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The experience of one person, or even a handful, do not in any way
 negate an obvious and growing trend in the software industry--directly
 related to "agile" development--to consider TW involvement as pointless
 until the final iteration. 

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