> I have a client who has just been acquired. They want me to rebrand their
> technical documentation (currently in Word) to comply with their new brand. I
> suggested FrameMaker, but they are pushing Quark. I alway thought of Quark as
> more appropriate for designers that do brochures, etc.
> Has anyone used Quark for technical documentation? I would appreciate any
> advice/feedback on using this tool to create technical documentation. I guess
> what I am really looking for is information to sell them on FrameMaker over
> Quark.
This was a questions I answered recently for Layers Magazine--it concerns
InDesign and FrameMaker, but I will discuss QuarkXPress at the end:

Q: I?m trying to decide between InDesign and FrameMaker for producing my
books. Any advice?
A: Both programs are very good for producing books, but generally, InDesign
is better graphically, while FrameMaker is better in some specialized (but
important) areas. For example, Frame has conditional text (hide/show text),
multiple indices, more advanced XML support, track changes*,
cross-referencing**, document compare, built-in equation editor**,
cross-column headlines, and table footnotes. InDesign excels in the graphics
area, including native Illustrator and Photoshop import with full
transparency support, built-in transparency and Photoshop-like effects, the
standard Adobe pen tool, color management, multi-media support, and better
PDF export. Features that are more-or-less equal include table styles,
variables, numbered lists, anchored graphics, and overall text formatting. I
should also mention that InDesign is cross-platform, while FrameMaker not
available on the Mac.

*Available in InDesign using InCopy
**Available in InDesign as third-party plug-in

Comparing QuarkXPress to InDesign...
Quark's tables are very limited, it does not do numbered lists or footnotes
natively, it's text formatting/editing is not as capable, and it does not
have variables (or any of the above mentioned Frame features).

This comparison is not meant to be complete. Feel free to contact me if you
have any other questions about the three programs.

David Creamer
I.D.E.A.S. - Results-Oriented Training
Adobe Certified Trainer & Expert in FrameMaker and InDesign
Authorized Quark Training Provider (since 1988)

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