We've used both Quark and FrameMaker.  My colleague, a diehard Quark
user, has agreed that for the documents we are creating (user manuals
for medical devices) FrameMaker is the better way to go.  Quark does not
seem to have features for creating books which makes making a global
change in the document very difficult.  There are a number of other
document-specific features that I use in FrameMaker that Quark just
doesn't do, or doesn't do as well.


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Hi Everyone,
I have a client who has just been acquired. They want me to rebrand
their technical documentation (currently in Word) to comply with their
new brand. I suggested FrameMaker, but they are pushing Quark. I alway
thought of Quark as more appropriate for designers that do brochures,

Has anyone used Quark for technical documentation? I would appreciate
any advice/feedback on using this tool to create technical
documentation. I guess what I am really looking for is information to
sell them on FrameMaker over Quark.

I appreciate any help. Thanks!

Linda Lecomte
Owner & Chief Writer
relevant space, llc

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