> If I may, a quick question about InDesign. Can InDesign import xml
> and have the information act like it does in Frame.
> Background:
> We use Frame as part of our software we have designed. This software
> does marketing and is also able to export and then import into Frame
> to create large Industrial Catalogs. Very technical with images. We
> can also export and import into InDesign. However when we autoflow a
> stream of data (data consisting of feature information, table
> ordering information and an image) the autoflow is just one big text
> block. You can't tell one product to straddle while another to fit in
> column, etc., like you do with Frame.
> So I teach our clients to drag the individual pieces that make up the
> data into the InDesign template and individually layout their pages.
> I think there is way to have an automated import of data act like
> Frame in InDesign, we just haven't scratched at it enough.
> Is this possible?

InDesign can import and work with XML data similar to FrameMaker, but I
don't think ID handles it as well as Frame (yet).

ID does not do straddled text like Frame, so while you could automate text,
a table, or a graphic being imported into an anchored frame/object, the type
would not flow the same as it does in Frame. (ID flows top-to-bottom,
left-to-right; Frame will split the flow above-and-below the straddled

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