> Actually that is not strictly correct. There are a wide range of
> variables that can be used in QXP for number of defined purposes and
> if you are using Quark Tags (somewhat similar in its execution to MIF)
> the range is much wider. However the functionality built into it is
> not as extensive as FMs.

Are you referring to XPress tags, Synchronized Text/Shared Content, or XML

XPress tags, for the most part, are for inserting codes for formatting and
indexing info. As far as I know, it does not have a feature that works
similar to the FrameMaker or InDesign variables.

Shared Content is useful, but not the same way as Frame/ID variables. Text
content is for an entire Item (a.k.a. Frame or Object), not for in-line

If XML, the same general process can also work with Frame and InDesign.

Can you clarify your usage of Quark Tags as variables?

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