Just a shot in the dark here, but were your page and column breaks
applied via manual overrides (using Special>Page Break), and did you
recently re-import your document formats? If so, you blew them away by
re-importing the template.
Manual overrides are rarely the way to go if you want any kind of
formatting consistency. You need to create paragraph tags with the
column break and page break built-in.

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Natalie Bircher wrote:
> Does anyone know why I would lose page and column breaks? 

In the words of a favourite reference librarian of mine, when speaking
to patrons with ill-formed questions:

"Could you please be a little more vague?"

Natalie!!  You are a technical writer.  Please provide some context,
lots of details, your OS and FM version, etc. so your audience knows
what the heck you are talking about.


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