Wow, I sure missed Stuart's subtext.
        Disclaimer: I do not know Stuart.

With over 36 years in computers and data wrangling, yep, pardner, over
36...since back in the steam-powered days of the big iron...
There was not enough information in the original question for me to
provide you with a response that was any better than a few targeted
guesses. I have come to the conclusion that the self-ascribed condition
is common amongst those with a bit of grey at the temples, or at least
enough trail dust in the nostrils, to have seen much of life.

My Dad used to irritate the living daylights out of me with his
protracted replies to questions I asked when I just wanted a quick nudge
over a hump in the fork of the road. Later in life, I understood what he
meant when he said, "I told you that to tell you you'll
understand what I'm about to tell you."...then he'd go on. Time dragged.
I remember distinctly, the day in our garage when I was 12 years old and
asked Dad how it felt, what it was like to be "old" like he was? My
wisened, 33 year old Dad looked back and said, "I asked my Dad the same
question, and I have the same answer for you that he gave me: I still
feel like a kid inside. I'm just more careful when I play."

Let's all lean back in the saddle, let the reins go slack a minute, give
the pony a little break, and just take a deep breath...happy trails
y'all, Kelly.

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Where do you get off busting my chops? 

You apparently need more help than the others that have answered my
with the information I gave. I didn't need to give them my OS or FM
to answer this question. 

Your tone is arrogant and self-serving.

You would do better to keep to yourself.


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Natalie Bircher wrote:
> Does anyone know why I would lose page and column breaks? 

In the words of a favourite reference librarian of mine, when speaking 
to patrons with ill-formed questions:

"Could you please be a little more vague?"

Natalie!!  You are a technical writer.  Please provide some context, 
lots of details, your OS and FM version, etc. so your audience knows 
what the heck you are talking about.


Stuart Rogers
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"On the contrary."
-- Henrik Ibsen (last words, after a nurse said he "seemed a little 


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