Natalie Bircher wrote:

> Stuart!!
> Where do you get off busting my chops? 
> You apparently need more help than the others that have 
> answered my question with the information I gave. I didn't 
> need to give them my OS or FM version to answer this question. 
> Your tone is arrogant and self-serving.
> You would do better to keep to yourself.

My answer to your question was based on pure guesswork and included a
parenthetical note that more info would help. Berny called his response
"a shot in the dark." 

I think Stuart's recommendation that you explain yourself more clearly
was dead on, and it was politely phrased, not arrogant. (I don't
understand at all what you mean by "self-serving" -- even if you thought
he was rude, how is it self-serving?)

I suspect that your angry outburst has had this result: in the future
when you ask a question, many of us will remember your admonition, "You
would do better to keep to yourself" -- and will do so. 


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