First, I apologize for my knee-jerk Stuart and all of you.

I really, truly had no idea what type of information you would need to
answer such a question. A polite request for that information would have
been appropriate, and appreciated.

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Natalie Bircher wrote:
> Stuart!!
> Where do you get off busting my chops? 
> You apparently need more help than the others that have answered my
> with the information I gave. I didn't need to give them my OS or FM
> to answer this question. 
> Your tone is arrogant and self-serving.
> You would do better to keep to yourself.
> Natalie

My apologies, Natalie; I did not mean to offend.  Obviously I should 
have sprinkled the posting liberally with winking emoticons, as the 
intended friendly jibe apparently didn't make it through cyberspace.

I admit it is a pet peeve of mine that so often people who are 
supposedly "professional communicators" post (on this and other lists) 
questions that border on the insulting, they are so haphazardly and 
carelessly formed.  Surely our peers deserve a little more effort on the 
part of the questioners, out of simple respect (and self-respect).

If you didn't know what was causing your problem, how did you know that 
no-one would need your OS and version information to solve it?  Have you 
never encountered version- or platform-specific bugs?  It is 
long-established netiquette to include such basic information as a 
matter of course, though you are not by any means alone in omitting it.

I am happy that the psychics on this list were able to identify the 
cause of your problem so quickly.  Please do share the solution.  I 
promise to keep to myself in regard to any future postings from you.

(And thank you, Peter, Rick, Kelly, Richard, and Art, for your 
supportive remarks.)

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