Fred Ridder wrote:

> FrameMaker only knows to update generated files that have the 
> same base filename as the book plus the relevant generated 
> file suffix (e.g.
> ...TOC, ...LOF, ...IX). If the names of the existing 
> generated files don't follow the pattern, FrameMaker will 
> generate brand-new, unformatted generated files rather than 
> updating the existing ones.

Fred's right about changing file names within FM so that xrefs are
updated -- not to mention the book file itself. But he's wrong about
generated files. At least since FM6, FM hasn't relied on the file names
to identify generated files. Assuming you change your TOC file's name
within the book window as Fred advised, FM will still know it's your TOC
file and will happily update it.

But, if you rename your TOC file outside of FM, then FM can't find it,
and will generate a new one that has the name listed in the book window
(which will be either the naming pattern Fred specified or whatever name
you previously gave it in the book window).

Getting back to fixing your broken links, you could save the files as
MIF, open them as text, and use find/replace operations to update the
file names.


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