As I see it: With the new Adobe Suite-concept you will effectively be able to 
break the single-sourcing concept if you want, i.e. apply local changes as need 
be for last minute corrections. However, when working disciplined as of the 
single-sourcing concept itself, I think the suite-concept provides more 
overall-functionality than you've ever had -- for a lower price.

Round-tripping the RH content back to FM would certainly be a really 
nice-to-have thing, but I wouldn't expect it to be a loss-less thing to 
implement, and what would it be worth then? I still think that outputting (you 
call it repurporsing) single sourced documents offer a win-win solution for all 
parties. One source to maintain and outputting it to many sources is still 
quite ideal in my view.

I can't do anything else than welcome the new Techical Suite concept although 
several improvements still can be made (fortunately)!

All the best
Jacob Sch?ffer
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> Emne: Re: Adobe Unveils Technical Communication Suite
> Doesn't seem like much of an integration, and certainly isn't 
> single-sourcing given you can't round-trip the RH content 
> back to FM. It's a repurposing solution.
> On 9/25/07, Lin Surasky <Lin.Surasky at> wrote:
> >
> > > According to Adobe's web site, RH 7  "integration" is 
> one-way .fm or 
> > > .mif file import. If this is true, it is not integration 
> in my book.
> > >
> >
> > Nor is it any sort of improvement on the pre-Adobe versions, which 
> > imported MIF files at least since X5, if not before then....
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