Hi Michael

I see your what you mean by saying that the Adobe TCS being analogous to the
Frame/WebWorks combination. It overcomes FrameMaker's limitations through
the use of a non-integrated, third party enhancement, in this case RoboHelp,
for multi-channel output. RoboHelp now uses FrameMaker files much in the
same manner as it uses Word files.  

I cannot really say that round-tripping is what I am looking for.  What I
would really like to see a fully integrated authoring environment that
integrates multi-channel output with a powerful editor that overcomes
FrameMaker's many limitations, thus obviating the need for import and
export. AuthorIT does this with some limitations, and Blaze (still
vaporware) promises to provide such functionality.

My question then becomes: Why should I purchase the TCS bundle if all it
offers is a WebWorks replacement? 

RoboHelp is a full featured HAT with printed output (PDF) support. Why not
just import my legacy Frame documents into RoboHelp, and then use RoboHelp
as my authoring environment? 


Richard Levine

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Hi Richard,

I'd like to understand what you exactly mean with two-way round- tripping
and why you need that. I always thought of "multi-channel publishing" as
"single-source publishing" with a stress on "single"  
and having easy production paths into PDF and Online Help. Therefore the
only thing (I thought) I need is a live connect to the source documents. Why
would I want to make changes in the originals during the Online Help
production phase?


- Michael M?ller-Hillebrand

Am 25.09.2007 um 21:54 schrieb Richard Levine:

> Hi Michael,
> You make a good point.  I am looking forward to testing this when the 
> trial version is ready.  It would be nice if there was two way round- 
> tripping such as that offered by  Flare.
> Richard Levine
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>> According to Adobe's web site, RH 7  "integration" is one-way .fm or 
>> .mif file import. If this is true, it is not integration in my book.
> No, it's more than that.
> It is a connection to the original FrameMaker book or document very 
> much like good ol' WebWorks Publisher provided it. If you change your 
> FrameMaker documents, this will be reflected in your RoboHelp output, 
> if you want so.
> But you can do local changes, if you like breaking your single-source 
> workflow.
> Check it out! Very much like I couldn't believe we would see 
> FrameMaker with Unicode I was surprised to see that level of 
> integration with RoboHelp.
> - Michael M?ller-Hillebrand

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