Great! I think the Tech Com suite is definitely a move in the right 
direction. I would add Photoshop and Illustrator to that suite as well.

I'm wondering whether this can be done:

    * Author and maintain DITA content in FrameMaker.
    * Import the ditamap instead of the FM book file into the RoboHelp
    * Generate WebHelp or FlashHelp.

Of course, with all the DITA bells and whistles (conrefs, reltables, 
...) fully supported.

Kind regards

Yves Barbion 
Documentation Architect
Adobe-Certified FrameMaker Instructor

Michael M?ller-Hillebrand wrote:
> Am 25.09.2007 um 16:41 schrieb Richard Levine:
>> According to Adobe's web site, RH 7  "integration" is one-way .fm or 
>> .mif
>> file import. If this is true, it is not integration in my book.
> No, it's more than that.
> It is a connection to the original FrameMaker book or document very 
> much like good ol' WebWorks Publisher provided it. If you change your 
> FrameMaker documents, this will be reflected in your RoboHelp output, 
> if you want so. But you can do local changes, if you like breaking 
> your single-source workflow.
> Check it out! Very much like I couldn't believe we would see 
> FrameMaker with Unicode I was surprised to see that level of 
> integration with RoboHelp.
> - Michael M?ller-Hillebrand
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