I am working on a service manual using the client's template. I have run into a 
problem with the auto?numbering of figures. The first?4 were numbered in 
succession, but each one after that repeats as Figure 4. The auto numbering 
format is F:Figure < ><n+>.? The figure numbers are set with a paragraph tag 
and are placed are in a text frame inside the borders of an anchored frame.
I have tried manually forcing the number of the fifth figure to 5, but the 
downstream figures?remain numbered as Figure 4. I have also tried adding spaces 
to the grid as in F:Figure < >< ><n+> and F:Figure < >< >< ><n+>, but 
downstream figures are still numbered as Figure 4. Deleting the text frame?for 
Figure 5 and inserting a new one yields the same results.
Any suggestions as to the cause of the problem and the proper method of 
correcting it?
I am using Frame 7.0 and a Windows XP operating system on a PC.
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