Sounds as if it's a legacy document that was never changed to support
the <$chapnum> and <$volnum> variables that were introduced in 6.x.
Assuming it's using chapter numbers as part of the numbering scheme,
of course, correct strings would look something like:
F:Figure <$chapnum><n+>.

If you're not using chapter numbering, it may just be a case of not
setting the numbering properties for the component chapters in the
book file (which is where they must be set; not in each chapter).
Highlight the chapters in the book file, right click, select
numbering, and then set the numbering property to reset (assuming you
want to restart numbering in each chapter).

The other easy thing to check and fix is that the same set of
paragraph tags are used book-wide. If there are typos in the numbering
stream, that's also going to break things.


On 5/15/07, Howard Rauch <techtransfer at> wrote:
> I have been writing a number of service manuals for my client. One problem I 
> have been having is numbering figures sequentially -- some will, some won't. 
> The command line for autonumbering in the client's template is  F:Figure < 
> ><n+>.
> For those that do not, I have to force the figure numbering, that is, 
> manually renumber that figure to the number it should have. For example,  
> F:Figure < ><n=5>. Then some downstream figures will number correctly, but 
> then I may have two, three, or four consecutive figures with the same 
> numbers. Also in the figure tag list for cross-referencing, figure numbers 
> may be out of sequence, e.g. Figure 5 listed before Figure 4.
> Several other items that are numbered in the manual are certain headings 
> (H:<n>.<n+>  < =0>< =0>< =0>< =0>< =0>\t), items in lists (n:<n+>.\t) which 
> also have a tag to start with 1 again (n:<n=1>.\t), and procedural steps 
> (<n=1>.\t and <n+>.\t). Tables are not numbered.
> Although manually renumbering figures solves the problem, as you are aware, 
> it creates other  numbering problems if a figure is removed in the future. 
> any insights about how to resolve t his issue?
> I am using Frame 7 with Windows XP Professional.
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