Hi, Howard,

I had the exact same problem. I discovered that the problem was an

I was working on a manual. I named the paragraph tag for my figure
titles "Figure". When I copied portions of text with graphics from
another file into my manual, everything appeared to be just dandy, but a
few days later, I noticed the numbering snafoo.

The other file that I copied from had the same paragraph tag "Figure"
for figure titles, so I just assumed they were the same. They weren't.
In the Numbering properties, one had "Figure: <n+>" and the other had
"FIGURE: (n+> ".

Here's how I solved the problem. In my manual, I found a figure title
that had the numbering that I wanted, selected it, then clicked update.
FM said there were overrides, and I clicked Remove Overrides, and things
have been happy ever since.


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