Yves and Mathieu,

Unfortunately you can only apply color to an entire running header-footer. It 
is possible though to create the effect you're after, but you have to sacrifice 
using a user-defined variable in the heading. Since you only occasionally need 
it, it might be feasible.

I'm sending a sample .fm file in a separate mail since what is described below 
is a little complex.

1. Create <blue> and <purple> character formats.
2. Create four paragraph formats based on Heading1:

ProductNameHeading1 = Heading1 As Is + Runin Head, empty space punct.
ProductName1  = Heading1 AsIs + color Blue + Runin Head
ProductName2  = Heading1 AsIs + color Purple + Runin Head, 1 empyt space punct.
AfterProdName3 = Heading1 AsIs (no runin head)

3. In your header use four variables in your header: 
 Running H/F 2  <$paratext[Heading1,ProductNameHeading1]> + 1 empty space       
 Running H/F 5  <blue><$paratext[ProductName1]> 
 Running H/F 6  <purple><$paratext[ProductName2]> + 1 empty space
 Running H/F 7  <$paratext[AfterProdName3]>

This will create a Heading 1 look-a-like that will include a two-color product 
name in both the heading and header. One problem remains however, and that is 
that you have to dispose of the text in Running H/F 5-7 with the next 
appearance of a stand alone Heading 1. To do that:

4. Create an anchored frame in the next Heading 1. Position the frame so 
outside the column. Inside the frame draw a textbox with three empty paragraph. 
Apply the ProductName1, ProductName2, and AfterProdName3 formats to them. That 
will wash out the Running H/F 5-7 in the Header and leave only Heading 1.

You can copy and paste the anchored frame as many times as you need it, or use 
AutoText from Silicon Prairie to drop it in whenever needed.

B a r u c h   B r o d e r s e n
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Yves Barbion wrote:

Hi Mathieu

I guess you are using a character format in the middle of your variable 
definition, for example <blue>Frame<purple>Maker?

I have tested this and, indeed, some properties of the character format (font 
family, weight, spread, stretch, superscript) are also displayed in the Running 
H/F, others are not (font size, color).

Is this a bug or "by design"?

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On Thu, Aug 14, 2008 at 10:26 AM, mathieu jacquet <bobitch at hotmail.com>wrote:

Hi all,

I'm using FM 7.2 on XP.

In my document, running headers call on Heading1. I sometimes add in 1st-level 
titles (Heading1) the name of the product, which is a ProductName variable 
formatted in a certain way (half of the name blue, the other purple).

When the product name appears in the header, it is just black.

Any clue?

Thank you all for your help,


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