Schreer, Carol wrote:

> I have a question about removing a frame/column where a chapter TOC
one was
> on the first page in a file.  Want to keep the header at the top of
> page but have the body text expand across the page to the right side.
> left margin is correct as is.  See the attached example.

You can't send files to the list because of the clear security risk. 

It's hard to tell where you're starting from (what's a "chapter TOC
one"?) or what your goal is, but it clearly involves master page
layouts. It sounds like you're not familiar with master pages, so I
suggest you look them up in the manual or online help. 

Depending on your situation, you may learn that you're just using the
wrong master pages, or you may find that you have to modify the text
frames on your default master pages. (Columns are defined in the text
frame's properties.) 

Maybe you started from the wrong kind of file -- the master page layouts
for frontmatter and index files might be different from those in your
chapter files. I take it you're using a template whose designer isn't
available. If so, it behooves you to learn at least a bit about template
design so you can see how this one works.

BTW, it would help if you provided a meaningful subject for your
questions instead of simply replying to an unrelated post. 


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