I am also a font simpleton (I hesitate to use the word ignoramus because
I certainly haven't "ignored" font issues. But "wayback" in the 90s I
realized that scaling fonts was a nastier job than scaling fish and the
font wars between Apple and the Softies and Adobe stunk.) I'm a pacifist
and a low intermediate FM 8.0 user and would also appreciate some
straight forward information on fonts and FM. Even some links to
relevant info would be very much appreciated. A couple weeks ago I
opened some FM docs for updating and received the "Missing fonts"
message. I looked in the online help and the FrameMaker 7 reference from
Scriptorium, but I couldn't find a quick way to determine the names of
the missing fonts. When FM produces the "missing fonts" message, does it
know what fonts are missing or does it just know it can't find them?

Charlie Kyle

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>I apologize for my clear ignorance on the topic of fonts. 

You're not the only ignorant one here. It sure would be nice if somebody
knowledgeable were to pen a comprehensive article on the subject of font
types and FM for Intercom. But I am certianly not knowledgeable in the
subject; like many of us, I stick with what I know and hope nothing goes


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