Hi, Charlie:

You may have noticed that FM has no Print Preview option. This is
because FM's on-screen view is (nearly) WYIWIG, and has been going
back many versions.

FM does this by looking at the font names listed in the
currently-selected printer's support file(s). You may have noticed
that FM displays a message - Document has changed. Font appearance may
be affected - when you change printers.

So, two simple causes of the missing font message are:

* Not having the fonts installed on the computer or on the hard drive
of the selected printer or in the printers permanent memory.

* Having the fonts in one of these places, but the currently-selected
printer doesn't recognize them.

One more-complex-but-simple cause is opening a file created on FM on a
Macintosh on a Windows computer. (Yes, there's a FM for Mac, but it's
version 7.0, and it only runs on Mac OS before OS X, or Mac's Classic
pre-OS X emulation.) There's nothing wrong with Mac FM files on a PC,
but there some apparently-identical font names differ in their
internal font names between platforms.

For details, look for Multiple_Platforms.pdf in the Documents
subdirectory of FM8's FrameMaker installation directory, or in the
OnlineManuals directory of pre-FM8 releases.

There's a free utility, SetPrint, that selects a specified printer as
the default printer when you launch FM, then restores the
previously-selected printer as default when you quit FM.


On Fri, Aug 15, 2008 at 7:11 PM, Charlie Kyle
<Charlie.Kyle at attachmate.com> wrote:
> I am also a font simpleton (I hesitate to use the word ignoramus because
> I certainly haven't "ignored" font issues. But "wayback" in the 90s I
> realized that scaling fonts was a nastier job than scaling fish and the
> font wars between Apple and the Softies and Adobe stunk.) I'm a pacifist
> and a low intermediate FM 8.0 user and would also appreciate some
> straight forward information on fonts and FM. Even some links to
> relevant info would be very much appreciated. A couple weeks ago I
> opened some FM docs for updating and received the "Missing fonts"
> message. I looked in the online help and the FrameMaker 7 reference from
> Scriptorium, but I couldn't find a quick way to determine the names of
> the missing fonts. When FM produces the "missing fonts" message, does it
> know what fonts are missing or does it just know it can't find them?
> Thanks,
> Charlie Kyle

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