Hi Eva,

You can't specify different formats for subsequent rows; only the first row 
of each type can be set.

Lines are set in the Ruling tab of the Table Designer. You can create and 
edit ruling formats by choosing Table > Custom Ruling & Shading. Then click 
the Edit Ruling Style button.


> Hi Rick,
> Thanks for this valuable info.
> What I still don't get is how/if I can update the format on the subsequent
> rows?
> The header row is fine. The first body row is fine (left cell has
> InstructionNumberFirst table tag), but the second body row should have a
> left cell of InstructionNumber as the table tag. And this I don't achieve
> even after following your steps below... Is it perhaps so that the steps
> below only affects the two first rows (header + first body row)? I need a
> change on the second (and subsequent) body rows for my automatic numbering
> to work...
> The table looks like this now:
> Header:   Step  Action
> Body 1:   1.    xxxxxxxx
> Body 2:   1.    zzzzzzzz
> The body 2 should of course be "2.".
> Also, do you happen to know where settings like line colors are set?
> Thanks very much,
> Eva

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