Hi Eva,

When you create a Table Format, FrameMaker "remembers" the following items 
(in addition to those in the Table Designer):

1) The number of columns and header, body, and footer rows.

2) The width of each column.

3) The paragraph format in each column of the first  of each header, body, 
and footer row.

These properties are not exposed directly to the interface via any of the 
Designers. They are not exposed via the FDK (Frame Developers Kit) or 
FrameScript. The only way to change them is to follow these steps:

1) Insert a table of the desired format into your document.

2) Change the number of rows and columns as desired. Change the table column 
widths to suit your purposes.

3) Apply the appropriate paragraph format to each column of the first 
header, body, and footer rows.

4) This is the key step: Open the Table Designer and with your cursor in the 
table, click Update All.

This will not affect any existing tables in the document (accept the one you 
just updated), but will be "defaults" for any new tables that use this 

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing Inc

> Hi all,
> I have received a template from somebody else who have created a few table
> types in FM8. Now I need to make a few changes in them, but I simply 
> cannot
> figure out from where the predefined tables in Table Designer picks up the
> relevant info on the Paragraph tags to use. The connection between the 
> Table
> and Paragraph Designers is obscure to me.
> Example:
> I had a Step-Action table without automatic numbering, so I created some 
> new
> Paragraph tags for that to use in the left column (Step 1, 2, 3 etc). As
> long as I create manual tables this works beautifully, but I cannot see
> where to change the predefined tables. Also, I added a Heading ruling in a
> predefined table, and it displays - but with an unexpected color.  I 
> cannot
> find anywhere that is defined either in Table Designer, so it must be
> someplace else? I can live with the unexpected color, but it still annoys 
> me
> I cannot figure out where it comes from... What am I missing?
> I have checked the Master and Reference pages, but it doesn't seem to lie
> there either.
> Thanks in advance,
> Eva

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