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> Another problem concering line elements on Reference pages:
> I have a line element on the Reference pages, which I need to apply in both
> tables with white cells and tables with colored cells. In the colored cells
> the lines are surrounded with white background, which of course displays
> really ugly. 
> A) Is there a way to make the line background to display As is (i.e.
> transparent, to follow whatever background that line is put on)?
> B) If not, I guess I need to create two varieties of this line. But where do
> I configure what the background color should be for such a reference line? 

I assume you are using these lines for some purpose other than 
separating cells, since the table itself has that functionality in both 
the designer and in custom ruling.

What you are pulling from the reference page is not the line that you 
see there, but the frame that contains the line.  By default, the frame 
has a white fill.  If you select the frame and change its fill to None, 
you will solve the problem.


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