Hi all,
I have received a template from somebody else who have created a few table
types in FM8. Now I need to make a few changes in them, but I simply cannot
figure out from where the predefined tables in Table Designer picks up the
relevant info on the Paragraph tags to use. The connection between the Table
and Paragraph Designers is obscure to me.
I had a Step-Action table without automatic numbering, so I created some new
Paragraph tags for that to use in the left column (Step 1, 2, 3 etc). As
long as I create manual tables this works beautifully, but I cannot see
where to change the predefined tables. Also, I added a Heading ruling in a
predefined table, and it displays - but with an unexpected color.  I cannot
find anywhere that is defined either in Table Designer, so it must be
someplace else? I can live with the unexpected color, but it still annoys me
I cannot figure out where it comes from... What am I missing?
I have checked the Master and Reference pages, but it doesn't seem to lie
there either. 

Another problem concering line elements on Reference pages:
I have a line element on the Reference pages, which I need to apply in both
tables with white cells and tables with colored cells. In the colored cells
the lines are surrounded with white background, which of course displays
really ugly. 
A) Is there a way to make the line background to display As is (i.e.
transparent, to follow whatever background that line is put on)?
B) If not, I guess I need to create two varieties of this line. But where do
I configure what the background color should be for such a reference line? 

Thanks in advance,

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