FWIW, one of our writers reported that the paragraph catalog sorts 
differently on her home PC than her work PC. At first glance, it 
appeared to be a simple reverse sort, but it was her home PC so we did 
not investigate closely.

The tag "tp, table para" was showing up at the bottom of the list rather 
than the top. Following up on Fred's observation, I see that all of our 
other tags beginning "tp" have three characters before the comma.

Since the writer has the same FM software in both places, it's not 
likely to be Frame, unless there's a hidden setting that controls this.

Fred Ridder wrote:
> Has anyone found a workaround for the change in the sort 
> order used in the Paragraph Catalog and other listings of 
> paragraph tags?
> Our company's templates were set up with 1- or 2-character
> prefixes for all the common paragraph tags to facilitate keyboard
> selection via the F9 key. The most commonly used tags had
> a single-character prefix so that they'd sort to the top of their
> respective group, and the less common tags had a second 
> character that was either a digit (to indicate indent level)
> or a mnemonically selected alpha character. For example, 
> we have
>   B-Body
>   B2-Body 2
>   B3-Body 3
>   B4-Body 4
> and
>   T-Table Title
>   TB-Table 
>   TB-Table Body Center
>   TH-Table Heading
> etc, etc.
> This worked beautifully in FM6.0 and FM7.x.  But in FM8,
> the sort order for the list changed and the hyphen now 
> sorts *after* any alphanumeric character so that the 
> order now looks like:
>   B2-Body 2
>   B3-Body 3
>   B4-Body 4
>   B-Body
> Pressing F9 and then B, gets you B2. Pressing B again
> gets you B3. The only way to get to the base B-Body 
> tag is four Bs or else B and a hyphen. And its much 
> worse for the table tags, where the T-Table Title tag
> is now sorted as the last of 16 related tags stating 
> with T. 
> Other than a wholesale renaming of the paragraph tags
> in our templates and all documents based on them to
> change the hyphens to spaces, I guess we'll just have 
> to get used to typing the hyphen whenever we use the
> F9 shortcut. Sigh...Fred Ridder
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