I make a unique tag for every possible scenario so I can transfer all
formats without worrying about overrides.


On 12/12/08, Nancy Allison <maker at verizon.net> wrote:
> Hey, folks. What is your standard for organizing your template?
> Do you have all ref pages, master pages, para tags, character tags,
> variable definitions, etc., etc., represented identically in every file
> of your template?
> It easiest  to update every file in a book with every formatting
> element, rather than try to remember that the Index file has unique
> elements, so does the TOC, the appendixes have different variable
> definitions from the chapters, etc., etc.
> The only gotcha I can think of is that sometimes I manually fiddle with
> header and footer settings for the oddball chapters (Index, TOC, List of
> Figures, etc., etc.) If I copied "Page Layouts" from my Index to all
> other files, would they all end up with "Index" manually typed into the
> footer, for example?
> What do you do?
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