I try to keep everything for a template in one file, and I try to use
the same basic elemement definitions, master page names, paragraph and
character style names, etc. so that most of my templates are
interchangeable. If I need to convert an instruction sheet to a chapter
in a book, all I need to do is import the book template and change the
top-level element in the file from Instruction-Sheet to Chapter. 

All the toc stuff is in the template also. When you add a toc to a new
book, the formatting and reference pages are picked up from the first
file in the book. Therefore, there is no need to import formats into the
toc and regenerate.

I have a meta book that contains all the templates so it makes it easier
to make common changes. 


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Hey, folks. What is your standard for organizing your template?

Do you have all ref pages, master pages, para tags, character tags,
variable definitions, etc., etc., represented identically in every file
of your template?

It easiest  to update every file in a book with every formatting
element, rather than try to remember that the Index file has unique
elements, so does the TOC, the appendixes have different variable
definitions from the chapters, etc., etc.

The only gotcha I can think of is that sometimes I manually fiddle with
header and footer settings for the oddball chapters (Index, TOC, List of
Figures, etc., etc.) If I copied "Page Layouts" from my Index to all
other files, would they all end up with "Index" manually typed into the
footer, for example?

What do you do?

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