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>They may be .eps, but they are copied and pasted into the files, not 
>linked, so I can't open them, or at least don't know how to. There is no 
>graphics subdirectory or other file location. Ideas?

You can always get embedded graphics out of Frame and into
files of their *original* type with Mif2Go; the free demo
version will do that for you:

Detailed instructions are in the User's Guide, par. 29.2.3, 
"Exporting and converting embedded graphics".  The graphics
will not have their original names, because Frame discarded
those on import.  (Word does better; it keeps them. ;-)
But they *will* be in the original format, most likely EPS
in your case, and the process is very fast and automatic;
you can do a full book at once.


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