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Wed, 24 Dec 2008 19:15:24 -0500, Jack DeLand <jdeland1 at> > 
wrote:> > >They may be .eps, but they are copied and pasted into the files, not 
> >linked, so I can't open them, or at least don't know how to. There is no > 
>graphics subdirectory or other file location. Ideas?> > You can always get 
embedded graphics out of Frame and into> files of their *original* type with 
Mif2Go; the free demo> version will do that for you:>> > Detailed instructions are in the 
User's Guide, par. 29.2.3, > "Exporting and converting embedded graphics". The 
graphics> will not have their original names, because Frame discarded> those on 
import. (Word does better; it keeps them. ;-)> But they *will* be in the 
original format, most likely EPS> in your case, and the process is very fast 
and automatic;> you can do a full book at once.> > HTH!> > -- Jeremy H. 
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