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>We are converting some word docs to FM.  The graphics files are embedded in
>word and we have no idea what the original tool was to create the graphics.
>When we import the word doc into FM, the MS2007 filter in FM does a good
>job.  It creates frames and places the same embedded graphics in the frames.
>Does FM know at this point what the original graphics file format is and
>will Mif2Go extract the graphics to the original file format?  Or am I
>wishing for too much.

No, that should work.  Internally, Word uses WMF, a vector
format, to hold graphics.  So you may be getting the Word
graphics as WMF.  Or as something else; that's up to the
import filter.  Possibly even the original format imported
into Word, since, unlike Frame, Word does retain the name
of the imported file.

In any case, what you will get from the Mif2Go export is
whatever is there in Frame.  Internally, Frame stores the
embedded images as graphic insets.  While they don't have
the original file name, they do retain the original data,
just in Frame's own (lossless) encoding.  So we can get
it out and save it in its originally-imported (into Frame) 
format, with a new name.

Just try it and see what happens.  You don't have to know
the format in advance, just tell Mif2Go to export everything,
including OLE objects, and see what you get.  ;-)

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