The graphics embedded in a Word file are raster graphics (bitmapped) so 
when you export those graphics through Mif2Go you will get either jpg or 
gif, depending on which format you select. There is no way to tell what 
the original format was.


Diane Gaskill wrote:
> Hi Jeremy,
> We are converting some word docs to FM.  The graphics files are embedded in
> word and we have no idea what the original tool was to create the graphics.
> When we import the word doc into FM, the MS2007 filter in FM does a good
> job.  It creates frames and places the same embedded graphics in the frames.
> Does FM know at this point what the original graphics file format is and
> will Mif2Go extract the graphics to the original file format?  Or am I
> wishing for too much.
> Thanks lots,
> Diane
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