John Sgammato wrote:> A helper, buried under a huge workload, made one little 
> mistake - renaming a lot of chapters and their filenames 
> to make them easier to follow. Unfortunately, along the 
> way a lot of x-ref markers were lost. I don't think there 
> is any way to undo that damage, so they just have to 
> be re-linked. Only 219 to go!

I'd say that's more than a little mistake. Too bad the "helper"
didn't know enough to do the renaming from the FrameMaker
book file rather than in the file system. It's a slow process,
since FrameMaker winds up doing the equivalent of a book
update each time you change a name, but it's still a *LOT*
faster than having to rebuild all the x-refs that got broken.

-Fred Ridder

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