Unless you have a backup of the book and associated files that are unchanged, 
then the MIF method may be the easiest way to go.
If you had renamed the chapters from the book the cross-references would have 
been automatically recreated and it would have saved you all of this work.
In the book file dialog, right-click each file and select Rename. Type the new 
chapter name and press enter. You will be prompted, twice I believe, and should 
select OK each time.
The cross-references would be fixed and the TOC updated automatically.

--- On Wed, 12/31/08, John Sgammato <jsgammato at> wrote:

From: John Sgammato <>
Subject: RE: Fixing lots of X-refs
To: peter at
Cc: framers at
Date: Wednesday, December 31, 2008, 1:03 PM

A helper, buried under a huge workload, made one little mistake - renaming a lot
of chapters and their filenames to make them easier to follow. Unfortunately,
along the way a lot of x-ref markers were lost. I don't think there is any
way to undo that damage, so they just have to be re-linked. Only 219 to go!


From: on behalf of Peter Gold
Sent: Wed 12/31/2008 12:08 PM
To: John Sgammato
Cc: framers at
Subject: Re: Fixing lots of X-refs

Hi, John:

If these links worked in the past, what changed that could cause them
to fail? Did you move or rename a directory, or files? Change
computers? Take the files from a server to a local drive, or

Or, could it be the snow?<G>


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

On Wed, Dec 31, 2008 at 10:35 AM, John Sgammato <jsgammato at>
> I am whiling away a snowy Boston day fixing hundreds of broken x-refs.
> My process: I update the book and get the long, long list of bum links.
Then I click on them one at a time, working my way patiently through the list.
But my patience is wearing thin, and maybe it doesn't have to...
> When I click the link, the file window appears, with the link highlighted.
> I double-click the link to repair it, and see the "Cannot find source
file..." error message.
> I click OK and the Cross-Reference dialog opens.
> Annoyance #1: The Source Type: is always set to Cross-Ref, but I
invariably use Paragraph Tags so I have to switch it. I'd love a switch
somewhere to set it to default to Paragraph Tags.
> Annoyance #2: The paragraph list starts alphabetically. I wish it showed
only Paragraph Tags in the target doc that actually have X-Refs. For example, I
never have X-Refs to bulleted list items or to text with the CellBody style, so
it would be much easier if those weren't even in the list. I guess
that's a wish-list item for Adobe.
> Annoyance #3: After I have selected Para Tags and the specific ParaTag I
am X-reffing to (usually Heading 1 or 2), then I select the Document. The list
of document files seems essentially random. I wish I knew how they are ordered,
and better yet how to sort them in book order or at least alphabetically.
> If anybody has insights or clues to make this less tedious, I will have a
very happy new year indeed.
> And if not, well a very Happy New Year to you all anyway, with thanks for
all your great year-round support on this list!
> John Sgammato
> Principal Technical Writer
> Imprivata, Inc
> Lexington, MA  02421


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