Pete-- I'm using FM 8 on Windows XP. I got one suggestion that the
scroll bar sometimes makes the program close, but I think it was when I
inserted the new frame that it happened. Anyway, "Save" will now be part
of my iterative process.

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You might try saving the powerpoint image as a png / bmp / gif, and then
a import file. 
What version of FM, & what platform?
Pete Rourke
Chandler, AZ

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Subject: FM abruptly closes with no save

I've been learning FM in the middle of a project, and it sometimes seems
a bit ornery. I'm inserting graphics linked from a Powerpoint file.
First I do Special > Anchored Frame, and set "Top of column". Then I
paste the graphic into the frame. Twice today, after I have done this
process 5 or 10 times, I perform the first step and suddenly FM closes
without saving. Since contemporary software usually includes a Newbie
Detector Module to make things more exciting for the beginner, maybe
someone could suggest a way to make myself less obvious to the NDM.

Christopher C. Brewster 

Lockheed Martin


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