I think the memory issue is indeed the cause for this. I did my process
again and saved after each insertion. No problems occurred. But I think
software should handle a memory issue much more gracefully than simply
closing without saving-such as warning me, or refusing to execute the
step that would make it close. (Do Adobe people monitor this list?)


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No one in this thread has mentioned that, when working with graphics,
FrameMaker likes to have plenty of RAM available to it, especially if
other applications are open and also have images loaded. There's no
"rule of thumb" that I know of, but I wouldn't attempt to do much with
multiple graphic files unless I had at least 1GB or preferably 2GB or
more of RAM on my system. 512MB or less is an invitation to a crash.

Dennis Brunnenmeyer
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At 09:14 AM 2/13/2008, Shmuel Wolfson wrote:

I've had it close when scrolling a document that has embedded Corel 
graphics, when I scrolled too fast and did not wait for the embedded 
graphics to appear.

Shmuel Wolfson

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