Hi Charles

If all your system variables have the same value in all files in the book, you 
can make an import-from FM file and delete the variables you don't want, then 
import variable definitions from that file. Problem is, you can't delete system 

But you can with a "mif fragment". Create a .mif file by saving from FM, then 
gut it in a text editor so that it only has the variables you want to change. 
That removes the system variables that you don't want to change, so you can 
import into all files in the book. Works beautifully. You can use it to change 
just user variables, just system variables, or a mix.

For example, to just change a variable called BookName, one of our mif 
fragments has this stuff:

<MIFFile 7.00> 
  <VariableName `BookName'>
  <VariableDef `Rapier i Switch Software Reference'>
 > # end of VariableFormat
> # end of VariableFormats
# End of MIFFile

Once you've gutted your mif file, you musn't ever save it from FrameMaker, or 
it adds in values for the system variables, and a pile of other stuff.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> "Charles Beck" <Charles.Beck at infor.com> 14/01/08 16:08 >>>
Esteemed Framers,

I think I once knew the answer to this question, but it escapes me now,
and I can find nothing in the Frame documentation: Is there any way to
import a single or a selected subset of variable values from one
document to another? I tend to think there is not, that it is
all-or-nothing, but I thought I'd check to be sure. 

Anyone out there know for sure? 

Chuck Beck

Sr. Technical Writer | Infor | Office: 614.523.7302 |
Charles.Beck at infor.com <mailto:Charles.Beck at infor.com>  


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