You only need to muck with MIF files when importing variable formats
because FM has this really annoying feature of not letting you remove
the system variables, so a MIF fragment is the only way to make a
"template" that doesn't have them. That's the problem with the "third
variant" from Grant and others, and it's only a problem if your system
variables change across the book. Ours did - we changed page number

With paragraph styles this issue doesn't exist, so you could use MIF
fragments but don't have to. Importing from an FM file is fine and
certainly simpler!

Rick's ImportFormatsSpecial plugin sounds interesting for letting you
separate the system and user variables.

Cheers, Rebecca

>>> Fred Ridder <docudoc at> 15/01/08 06:56 >>>

Diane Schaefer asked:

> Would this [importing a MIF fragment] also work for importing 
> select paragraph formats?

Yes, it would work for that but there is a much more direct
approach that I think is a lot easier. Just make a special file
(consider it a template since it need not contain any text 
content, although I always recommend using the body of
template files to self-document the template's design and
features) whose Paragraph Catalog contains *only* the 
styles you want to import. Simple and much more foolproof
than poking around in the MIF code, IMO.

Note that this is basically the same as the "third variant" 
technique that Grant Hogarth suggested in his post earlier
today. (I am really embarassed to have forgotten that 
approach when I posted my reply in this thread last evening, 
since I've been using the technique for at least 6 or 7 years.
Must be an early sign of what's-his-name's disease...)

Fred Ridder 
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