A third variant ---
1. Create and save a new temporary document that has the new
variables/variable definitions that you want.
2. Import *only* the variables from that document into the existing
document/book that you want changed.


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Chuck Beck asked:> I think I once knew the answer to this question, but
it escapes me now,
> and I can find nothing in the Frame documentation: Is there any way to
> import a single or a selected subset of variable values from one
> document to another? I tend to think there is not, that it is
> all-or-nothing, but I thought I'd check to be sure. 

Are you talking about importing a handful of new variables or redefining
the values for a handful of existing variables?  If it's the former,
is a workaround that isn't too onerous, but if it's the latter there are

only two indirect solutions I'm aware of:
A) script it with FrameScript(fine if you have the tool...)
B) do it as text replacements in MIF (not much easier than doing it
    manually, it seems to me...)

The workaqround for importing new variables (names not yet defined in 
the target document) is this:
1) In the document that contains the variables, create a temporary 
    paragraph that contains each of the desired variables.
2) Copy that paragraph and paste it into the other document. The 
    variable names and definitions will be added to that document's
    list of user variables.
If any variable's name is already defined in the second document, 
the paste operation will only insert a reference to the existing
without changing its definition.

-Fred Ridder 

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