Hi Lise,

As I sit converting 4 FM templates to InDesign templates for a client...

You're pretty close to the mark with your analysis.

I tell my clients:
-Frame has more robust referencing
-Frame has more robust numbering

But at the same time, ID CS3's numbering and referencing is greatly improved
from earlier versions. ID also allows for Para and Character Styles that use
base Para Styles, and for Master Pages that use base Master Pages.

I've got a separate client happily doing this same conversion, but both
clients do not have extreme XREF issues, nor do they have extremely complex
numbering schemes. The nested styles and the improved Header/Footer
functionality have been pleasant surprises for them.

Bottom line: For documents requiring a great deal of customization and
layout, I recommend InDesign. For long doc's requiring standardization,
complex numbering, and complex referencing, use FrameMaker.

Of course, given Frame's improved integration with RoboHelp and Captivate,
these are also potential factors.

-Matt Sullivan

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I currently create manuals in FrameMaker for the products that are
manufactured at this location. Deliverable is pdf and printed matter.

I've been using unstructured FrameMaker 7.1 on Win XP and the marketing
department has been using InDesign CS2 on Win XP. They're planning to
upgrade to CS3.

I've been asked by the Marketing Manager to investigate whether InDesign CS3
would meet my needs as a replacement for FrameMaker for product manuals so
we could all be on the same platform. I think if I made the case that there
would be serious functionality lost, he wouldn't have a big problem with me
staying with Frame, but I think he's leaning toward standardizing on ID
unless I can make the case otherwise.

Things of concern to me that I can do in Frame but not sure about ID:
cross-references, conditional text, auto-numbering.
Conditional text isn't a deal-killer for me; I've used it in a few manuals,
but it's not something I couldn't do without if it wasn't available.
Cross-references (see figure x on page x, see heading on page x) are
currently used extensively. Wouldn't want to do without those.
Auto numbering (esp. of figures (x+1): currently used extensively. Wouldn't
want to do without that either.

I've done some google searching and the closest I've come to a comparison is
this, but it's a little dated (and refers to OSX)

There was a discussion of this a while back (last Feb, I think) here on the
frameusers forum, but I don't think it covered any new features that may
have been included in ID CS3 as opposed to CS2.

The version comparison chart on the Adobe site
(there's a link to a pdf here:
lists automated bullets and numbering, but I don't know if that will
accommodate what I currently accomplish in Frame with a "Figure" paragraph
format for the figure label which inserts the next consecutive figure number

Has anyone used InDesign CS3 and can give me any insights?
If not available in ID, are there 3rd-party plug-ins for ID that would
accomplish any of these with some kind of elegance and ease?

Lise Bible

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