Ignoring the question of language compatibility...

The easiest way to open a Word file in Frame is not to... Instead,
save Word as an RTF and open that.  (Note that I'm saying Open -- not
Import. Import implies that the file is imported as an object within
Frame, which isn't what you should be trying to do.)

However, FM 6 is kind of an antique version, so the import filters
aren't as robust as the either 7.x or the current 8.0's --- they've
been updated and changed several times. You may also have problems
with native Word import because the Word files could have originated
in a version that was still in the future when FM 6 was shipping.

If the RTF doesn't give you better results, I'd try downloading the FM
8 eval version and see if that works better...


On Thu, Apr 17, 2008 at 7:30 PM, Louise Moritsugu <lmoritsugu at gmail.com> 
> Hi,
>  I'm just starting a French version of an English book I completed a
>  few months ago.
>  The Eng was done in FM 6.0 on OSX 10.3.x (9?).
>  I'm trying to do the French in FM 6.O on OSX 10.4.11.
>  I can open FrameMaker alright, but it won't import the French Word
>  files. The error message reads:
>  "Mastersoft Error: From -Side Converter returned error 3"
>  I've reinstalled Framemaker.
>  The Frameusers site is down until Mon, so I can't search the archives.
>  The usual way I do these books is to import from Word because the
>  files have retained the FM the style tags. I could cut and paste, I
>  suppose, but that will double my work time. And, of course, I'm
>  behind schedule.
>  Any ideas on how to fix this or am I out of luck? Reinstall OSX 3?
>  Thanks,
>  Louise

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