Art Campbell wrote (in part):
> The easiest way to open a Word file in Frame is not to... Instead,
> save Word as an RTF and open that. (Note that I'm saying Open -- not
> Import. Import implies that the file is imported as an object within
> Frame, which isn't what you should be trying to do.)

I have to disagree with this, at least in part. You *can* use Frame's
File>Import>File copmmand to bring a Word file into FrameMaker as long
as you choose the "Copy into Document" option rather than the "Import
by Reference" option. In fact, in converting thousands of pages of Word
content into FrameMaker files, I have found the Import method to be 
more robust than the Open method, plus it givers you several options 
for how much (or rather, how little...) Word formatting information you
want to import along with the content. 

But this difference of opinion probably has nothing to do with solving 
the Louise's problem...


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