You raise a useful point about upgrading to FM 7, and I'll set up a  
search on eBay for one.

After I sent the initial message, I Googled "Mastersoft" in the dead  
of night and found a 2002 response from Jeremy Griffiths on another  
list that mentioned Importing (Copy Into Document), setting the  
Format to "RTF_Japanese_Import." Which seems to have worked  
perfectly. Thank god for archives.

And, yes, the French accents are no problem, either way.

Thanks for everyone's help.


On 18-Apr-08, at 10:01 AM, Steve Rickaby wrote:

> At 19:30 -0400 17/4/08, Louise Moritsugu wrote:
>> I can open FrameMaker alright, but it won't import the French Word
>> files. The error message reads:
>> "Mastersoft Error: From -Side Converter returned error 3"
> If it helps at all (which it probably doesn't), my archives say  
> that error 3 is 'illegal instruction error'. I.e. the code probably  
> went mad after being presented with something it could not process.
> Agree with Art's comments other than, as Louise is working on a  
> Mac, the FrameMaker 8 demo won't help her a lot ;-) Louise... Art  
> is right about the FrameMaker 7 filters being better, and I was  
> recently impressed that I could import raw Word files in FrameMaker  
> 7 for Mac with not only the tags intact, but also stuff like Word  
> index markers.
> Your only route to a FrameMaker 7 install is secondhand, for  
> example via eBay. This is where I got my 6 -> 7 updater, legally,  
> and it worked for me. However, a search today reveals only a  
> FrameMaker 5.5 updater (yes, really!).
> Hope this helps a bit.
> -- 
> Steve

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