Hi Verner,

I usually use the "Archive" structure, that is to say an overall directory 
(Product x.y. English) containing, on the same level : 
. the fm files an book file ;
. a "graphic" directory containing all graphics ;
. a "text" directory containing all text insets.

I copy paste this overall directory and rename it Product x.y. French (or 

(ONLY IF YOU HAVE TRADOS (or whatever CAT tool) : I set up a translation 
folder, which I divide into languages (French, Spanish, etc.). I then divide 
each of the language folder into MIF, ORG and STF folders. Then I convert all 
.fm files to .mif then .rtf or .ttx, and I send these files for translation (a 
translator does not translate straight into Frame)).

The thing is that none of my graphics contains text (I do not actually document 
softs, so I don't have language  specific screenshots), so links stay 
untouched, and the translator does not have to work on graphics. 

If I had language specific graphics, with the structure previously described, I 
could copy them directly into the "graphics" directory without chaning their 
name and overwrite the ones in the wrong language.
Issue : Generic graphics are copied as many times as your number of languages...



> Subject: Off topic: Handling of linked graphics in several language versions  
> in Framemaker
> Date: Tue, 1 Jul 2008 09:50:18 +0200
> From: verner.andersen at radiometer.dk
> To: framers at lists.frameusers.com
> Hey
> I am describing a software product and have hundreds of screen shots in
> my manual that is to be translated into several languages.
> Have you a good idea for directory structure and file naming of graphics
> inserted by reference?
> My idea is the following:
> Product version x.y
> - Generic graphcis
> - English
> - - Framemaker files
> --  Language specific graphics
> --  pdf
> The idea is that by copying the English folder to another language
> folder the translator will be up and running and can replace the
> language specific graphics.
> I realize that screen shots with the same name will exist in different
> versions and languages, but to use version/language specific graphics
> will result days spent in re-importing graphics whenever a new version
> of the manual is to be made.
> How do you solve this issue?
> Med venlig hilsen - Best regards
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