This question and answer got me looking at the FM help to see how this work.
But, I'm still not sure how to get some numerics to sort correctly. 

This is what I get:

100 mm stud
150 mm stud
200 mm stud
70 mm stud
90 mm stud

This is what I want:

70 mm stud
90 mm stud
100 mm stud
150 mm stud
200 mm stud

How do I use the [aaa] type of construction to get this to sort? 

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Put the "sort order" info in square brackets (e.g. [aaa] ) not angle

        <$nopage>changing:see also modifying[aaa]

On Tuesday, June 24, 2008 18:04, Tammy Van Boening wrote:

| A long time ago, in a valley far, far away, I know I did this, but I
| don't remember how! Under the letter "C" in my index, under the
| IndexLev1 entry of changing, I want the first entry to be changing:see
| also modifying (and not a page number) and I can't for the life of me
| remember how to format the index marker for this. Right now, I have
| <$nopage>changing:see also modifying<aaa>, but I am getting the entry
| sorted as is. The attempt to force it to the top by using <aaa> is not
| working, but I swear I did this before, but using <zzz> to get an
| to the bottom of a list at all times.
| Help!
| TIA,
| Tammy Van Boening
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