Spacing didn't make any difference. One example in the help shows no spacing
(other examples fall onto a new line in a table, so you can't tell).

Also, must have the first level index entry, or it puts it into the
Numerics, so it must have [stud:70 mm], but it still won't sort under stud
or profiles, but does sort under numerics.

I usually do state version and platform, but thought this was a quick and
easy follow-on to the original posting.

For what it's worth: FM 8 (with the latest updates), Win XP 

Maybe this is a bug? 

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Try adding a space before the opening square bracket of the sort order:

   studs:70 mm roller locations [studs:070 mm]
   studs:90 mm roller locations [studs:090 mm]

Also, it may help if you specify the FM version, OS and platform that
you're working with just in case there are subtle differences (e.g.
"platform dependencies") of which readers here are aware.

On Tuesday, July 01, 2008 16:24, Combs, Richard wrote:

| Linda G. Gallagher wrote:
| > This worked to sort the entries that start with the numbers:
| >
| > 70 mm stud:roller locations[070 mm]
| > 90 mm stud:roller locations[090 mm];
| >
| > But the following did not work to sort the entries under stud.
| >
| > studs:70 mm roller locations[studs:070 mm]
| > studs:90 mm roller locations[studs:090 mm]
| >
| > Where did I go wrong here?
| Do the first two really look like that? I'd have thought the sort
| for an index level would need to be specified at that level, e.g.:
| 70 mm stud[070 mm]:roller locations
| 90 mm stud[090 mm]:roller locations
| And to control sort order of the second-level entries, I'd think this
| would work:
| studs:70 mm roller locations[070 mm]
| studs:90 mm roller locations[090 mm]
| But I'm guessing -- no promises. :-)
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