Linda G. Gallagher wrote:

> This worked to sort the entries that start with the numbers:
> 70 mm stud:roller locations[070 mm]
> 90 mm stud:roller locations[090 mm];
> But the following did not work to sort the entries under stud.
> studs:70 mm roller locations[studs:070 mm]
> studs:90 mm roller locations[studs:090 mm]
> Where did I go wrong here?

Do the first two really look like that? I'd have thought the sort order
for an index level would need to be specified at that level, e.g.:

70 mm stud[070 mm]:roller locations
90 mm stud[090 mm]:roller locations

And to control sort order of the second-level entries, I'd think this
would work:  

studs:70 mm roller locations[070 mm] 
studs:90 mm roller locations[090 mm]

But I'm guessing -- no promises. :-)


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