In a graphic frame, draw a diagonal line. If you want the labels to
have paragraph formats, draw text frames with the text-frame Graphics
tool above and below the line, type the labels, tag them with
paragraph format tags, and rotate them to the angle you want (Alt+drag
the selected text frames). If you only want character-formatted text,
you can use the Text Line "A" Graphics tool. Adjust the graphic frame
size and the position of its contained items. Copy and paste the
graphic frame into the cell; it becomes an anchored frame. Position
the anchored frame to At Insertion Point. Adjust the Basic properties
of the paragraph that contains the anchored frame to zero space above
and below, and the Table Cell properties to zero or negative cell
margins all around as needed. Resize the cell width and height as

InDesign's diagonal cell lines are easy to specify as cell properties,
but you still need to tweak the text manually.


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