To extract information from the body into the page headers, FrameMaker
uses the Running H/F variables in the page headers on the master pages.
For example, the 'default' definition of the Running H/F 1 variable is
<$paratext[Title]> which pulls the text of any paragraph tagged Title
into the header. There are other building blocks for these variables,
such as <$paranum[Tag_name]> to extract the autonumber string of the
specified paragraph tag. 

Most importantly, remember that tag names in FrameMaker are case and
space sensitive: Heading1 is a different tag than heading1 or Heading 1.

You can even use a list of paragraphs between the square brackets, such
as <$paratext[Header1, Header2]> and FM will look for either of those
tags to get information into the header.  If a tag occurs on the
specific page, Frame uses the first instance if more than one appears;
if not, FM looks back to previous pages to find the most recent instance
of a tag to grab its information.  But it will not jump across file
breaks, it will only use information in the current document.  You can
even get the LAST instance of a tag on a page by using the construct
<$paratext[-Heaidng1]>, that is, add a hyphen before the tag name inside
the variable definition.

So, to get your chapter number and Heading 1 text, you might need a
Running H/F variable defined as:
 "Chapter <$paranum[Chapter]> - <$paratext[Heading 1]>"  

(without the quotes) where the initial word is literal text, as are the
spaces and hyphen.

It seems that you have some master pages with the correct header
definitions for your purpose, but that not all the body pages are using
those.  Pages 3-7 and 9.... apparently use different master pages that
do not get the Heading 1 text, based on your message.

So you either have to add the desired H/F variables to the other master
pages now in use, or re-assign the desired master page layout (via
Format > Page Layout > Master Page Usage) to the body pages.

On Wednesday, June 18, 2008 06:53, mathieu jacquet wrote:

| Hi all,
| I'd like my template header to be formatted this way: "ChapterTitle -
| Heading1".
| Imagine I have a Heading1 on page 2 (let's say "Introducing the
| product") of my Chapter 1, then a second Heading1 on page 8
| ("Identifying the components").
| How do I get a header displaying "Chapter 1 - Introducing the product"
| from page 2 to 7, then  "Chapter 1 - Identifying the components" for
| the following pages.
| So far I have "Chapter 1 - Introducing the product" on page 2,
| 1 - " on pages 3 to 7, then "Chapter 1 - Identifying the components"
| page 8, and again "Chapter 1 - " on page 9 to ..
| I'm using FM 7.2 on PC.
| Thank you for your help !
| Mathieu.

I hope this helps,

- Lester 
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