Hi Jona,

In case in each of your table columns there is a specific
paragraph format or a specific keyword you could do this:

1 Put the insertion point in a table column with the column
  width you want to have. Copy the column width with "Copy

2 Search for the paragraph format or key word. Select
  "Change by pasting". When everything works you could also
  "Change all".

Best regards


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> Subject: Global Update to a Table Format
> FM 8.0
> All,
> I know I've done this before, but for the life of me, I can't 
> remember  
> how.
> I have a table comprising a single row with two columns for caution  
> and warning text with an icon in the left column and warning/caution  
> text in the right.
> In an effort to reduce paper usage, I've reduced the side head  
> throughout the document, and need to increase the size of the right  
> column in all of the warning/caution tables.
> I know there's a way of changing one, updating the Table 
> Designer, and  
> then doing something else, and all of the warning/caution tables  
> magically change. It's the "doing something else" part that I've  
> forgotten how to do. Looking at FM's help leads me to believe 
> I should  
> perform a "Global Update" but that does nothing (either for the  
> document or for me).
> I'm sorry for boring you with such a trivial question, but it sure  
> would save me a lot of time to get this fixed!
> Thanks in advance,
> jona

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