I honestly came to the same conclusions about Blaze. I don't see it
being that much different from Flare at all. I was also disappointed
that it wasn't true XML (it's XHTML) and that it's not DITA capable
from what I've seen. IMO it's not an alternative to FM at all.

On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 10:30 AM,  <quills at airmail.net> wrote:
>  I have been waiting with baited breath ever since the rumors of MadCap Blaze 
> came forth, that a replacement to
>  FrameMaker was in the works. I just downloaded the public beta.
>  Has anyone else done so? If so I wonder if anyone else shares my 
> disappointment.
>  Blaze appears to be a variant of Flare. It isn't an authoring tool so much 
> as a conversion tool. It seems not to know
>  if its main thrust is HTML or XML, and it seems to lean heavily toward HTML.

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